Our Method

Our Method

Trapping & Relocation


The trapping and relocation of nuisance animals is always the best and most humane method. If you are having problems with groundhogs (aka. woodchucks), squirrels, opossums, or other destructive nuisance animals contact one of our offices to discuss what avenue is the best to take. Our method of wildlife control are highly effective and efficient, and whatever your animal problem is you can rest assured that Ace Animal Control can handle it.

Safe Cleanup


We offer full service biohazard cleanup and disposal. Droppings, Urine, Hair, Odor and a host of other parasites and food waste.

  • Feces and damaged insulation removal
  • Disinfection and Deodorizing
  • Insulation Replacement

Odor Control


Wildlife has been removed from your home and the repairs are finished. What about the odor that that they left behind ? We offer decontamination and deodorizing services to eliminate this odor and bio-hazard.

Cleanup after heavy mice infestations, Pigeon droppings removal, Cleaned and Disinfected, Reinsulated and completely restored, Removal of all accessible fecal matter and debris, Removal of all urine-soaked insulation, Complete decontamination treatment to kill bacteria. Complete deodorizing treatment to remove all odors.